oliver dorfer

Freight + Volume, New York

January 15 – February 21, 2009 | Reception: Thursday, January 15, 6 – 8 pm

OLIVER DORFER the pulpproject/…

May I ask … how many of you have already had the experience of your mobile memory, i.e. your laptop or your external hard-drive, passing into a technological nirvana because of a technical fault? (…) In that case you too know this type of paralysis, completely new in cultural anthropology, in which our psyche beseeches our long-, medium- and short-term memory to kindly remember at once all traces of feelings, plans and productivity of the last months as these are threatening to disappear for ever... >

oliver dorfer - argumentos visuales

arte al limite, art magazine, chile, text: juan pablo colin

Haciendo uso de una iconografía extraída del imaginario contemporáneo, el artista austríaco plantea una narración que se relata por sí misma, a través de la congregación de íconos y símbolos que abundan en la cultura contemporánea.

Oliver Dorfer (Linz, Austria, 1963) nació artista... >

The Puppeteer

frame021- 'pop it', art magazine,2007, article: Lothar Schmidt

Oliver Dorfer (b. 1963) extracts from the everyday world its international images and signs – photos, comics, stick-on pictures and logos – and stores them digitally. He creates new forms and figures out of them in the Photoshop and uses these as source material for his paintings. Starting out from Otto Neurath’s pictograms developed in the 1920s, Lothar Schmidt attempts an approach to the work of the man from Upper Austria... >

Visuelle Apparate - Notizen zum Werk von Oliver Dorfer

von Leo Findeisen, Medientheoretiker

Oliver Dorfer ist ein Maler der Gegenwart. Doch da eine Repräsentation der Gegenwart im Jahr 2007 unmöglich noch auf einzelne Bilder zu bannen ist, egal, wie groß diese ausfallen, werde ich den Schlüssel zum Umgang mit seiner Kunst in der Herangehensweise erörtern, mit der er als Maler am Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts seine Formfindung vollzieht... >